ISO Policy design

Certification to a management system standard is not a business requirement. Until it is. Best case, the need for continuous improvement, the determination of saving the planet and taking a good care of the health and safety of your employees come from inside. Chances are that you are almost ISO compliant in these areas, as you already apply several good management practices. However, acquiring the certification provides additional assurance to your customers.

We can help to prepare, certify and maintain your compliance with ISO9001, 14001 and 45001 standards.

You may not need to hire a quality manager or an ISO guru. Our tested strategy will get you certified for the chosen standards:

  1. 1 You define your objectives with the standard and ensure leadership engagement
  2. 2 We start with a gap analysis to understand the current state
  3. 3 We map your key processes and train your process owners
  4. 4 You document your objectives, policies and processes with our assistance
  5. 5 Together we train your organisation and prepare for the change
  6. 6 You implement the changes and operate the new management system
  7. 7 We conduct internal audits in preparation for the certification assessment
  8. 8 We arrange and supervise the certification assessment
  9. 9 We conduct regular internal audits to maintain your compliance

What you get:

  • A structured management system that helps you to achieve your objectives
  • ¬†A culture of continuous improvement, certified for the chosen standards
  • ¬†Documentation of your system with minimal bureaucracy
  • Internal audits and recommendations for improvements
  • Significant savings of time, money and resources compared to a DIY approach
  • BONUS: low maintenance cost and effort in case you opt-in for our surveillance service

"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking." - Henry Ford


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