Customer Service

Customers chose you for your great products and leave you because of bad service. The definition of good and bad service is up to you. Really. The more important part is that your customers will judge that definition. You need to keep your relationship mutually beneficial to avoid the risk of losing them. Service done right means that you hear their voice and keep improving their experience towards excellence. Safeguarding your investments in acquiring them as customers is the best business strategy.

We can help you to design and develop standalone services or to build an entire support system from scratch.

Managing daily service operations and developing new services at the same time may be cumbersome. Our service development approach is a pragmatic, efficient methodology and focuses on delivering real value to your customers:

  1. 1You define what problem of your customers you want to solve
  2. 2Together we define a service strategy and budget
  3. 3We define the proposition and set the target for the project
  4. 4We design the service with the continual improvement in the DNA and create a service plan
  5. 5We explore the potential solutions and prepare "make or buy decisions"
  6. 6You make those decisions
  7. 7We develop the service operationally, design or adjust the CRM or ticketing system and documentation
  8. 8We adjust your CRM or ticketing system or recommend and design a new one for you
  9. 9We project manage the implementation and guide you through the launch
  10. 10Together we regularly review the performance and apply changes as necessary

What you get:

  • Services that are solving real issues for customers
  •  Clear communication to manage customer expectations
  •  Simple and efficient operational processes
  • Designed for excellence, prepared for continuous improvement
  • Saving internal resources, long-winded attempts and the hassle of trial and error
  • BONUS: transparency of your customer's effort, satisfaction and loyalty

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." - Gandhi


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